GTTSi specializes in training, operations, project management, engineering, procedures, testing, quality, and administration.

Consulting And Management
We bring together the most experienced technical professionals from the power, electrical utility, and engineering industries.
The GTTSi Culture
We believe in integrating clients and employees in the decision-making process-assuring ownership with a common focus.
Job Offerings
Contract positions in project management, engineering, operations, training, procedure writers, and construction support services.

Diversity Mission Statement: At GTTSi, we are committed to fostering a workplace culture that celebrates and embraces diversity and inclusion at every level. As a woman and minority-owned small business, we believe that our strength lies not only in our expertise, but also in our differences in thought and culture. We understand the unique value that diversity brings to our organization, and we are dedicated to creating an environment where all individuals feel respected, valued, and empowered.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement: 

At GTTSi, we believe that diversity is our strength and inclusion is our foundation. We are dedicated to: 

Embracing Diversity

We recognize and appreciate the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of our employees, customers, and partners. We actively seek to build a workforce that reflects the rich tapestry of our society.

Equal Opportunity

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other characteristic. We promote a meritocracy where talent and contributions are the only criteria for advancement.

Inclusive Culture

We nurture an inclusive culture where every voice is heard, and every idea is respected. We actively encourage open communication and collaboration among our team members.


We hold ourselves accountable for progress in diversity and inclusion initiatives. We regularly assess our policies and practices, seeking to improve and adapt to evolving needs.

Services and Clientele

Consulting Services For The Nuclear And Power Utilities

GTTSi is a women/minority owned business that has serviced over 45 utilities (representing ~80% of the U.S. Utilities) and Federal, State, and Local governments (i.e., EPRI, Bonneville Power Administration, TVA, and the State of California).

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