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Many Thanks to GTTSi Employees

  • By Admin
  • December 11, 2015

Since our GTTSi employees work all over the country having so many of them that were able to join us at this year’s Christmas party was truly a Blessing….. and many of them that attended the party reached a significant milestone in their service with GTTSi.  Below are the employees who were acknowledged with 5+ years of service and will always be considered long time friends to GTTSi.





John Patterson is a Licensed Operator Requalification Training Instructor at Comanche Peak. He is not only an SRO Instructor but also a Professional Engineer with a Nuclear Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech.










Ken Scharf is a Licensed Operator Requalification Training Instructor at Oconee. He is the “Go To” Instructor when it comes to the new completely digital Reactor Protection System and Engineered Safeguards Systems at Oconee.








Keith Hampton is an Operator Training Instructor at Oconee. He is a rare commodity these days; SRO at a B&W facility. He is always working to keep us in the loop.










Roy Downs is an Engineering Training Instructor at Harris. He is always finding a way to support GTTSi and we affectionately call his location our Raleigh Satellite Office.









Doug Shaw is a Technical Training Instructor at VC Summer. He and 5 other Technical Instructors are developing the fundamentals for all the Technical Training for the new generation units being built at VC Summer.







Kaye Browder, voted Women of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women has improved our in-processing procedures for employees, categorized and organized employee stats, developed a user friendly database for candidate resumes and has achieved a 100% Audit Performance resulting in an award to GTTSi from Guidant just a few weeks ago.

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