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How to Close Your JOB INTERVIEW

  • By Admin
  • May 31, 2018

Whether you are having a personal face-to-face or phone interview below are some new techniques that should help you to CLOSE the DEAL.

First, you should try to get the hiring manager to talk about the position and what they need rather than spending the entire time talking about your accomplishments.  Here is an approach that you could utilize to do this.

Manager: Can you walk me through your resume, starting at the beginning of your career?

You:  Sure!  My first job was with Acme Explosives.  I learned about inventory management there, and then moved to Wiggly Devices in a marketing role. Then say something like ……… I don’t want to bore you with my story; can I ask you a quick question about the job – to make sure I understand what you are looking for and what is needed?

Manager: Sure!

You: The job description said you were looking to hire a Project Manager.  I am guessing that you need someone to manage the new line of wireless products you just announced – am I in the right ballpark?

Manager: Yes, we need someone to manage that development project and we also need help on some of our existing products, as well.  We are looking at some of our less-profitable products and assessing whether to continue with a different marketing strategy or to completely drop them.  Since, I saw in your resume some marketing experience ……… can you tell me how you might approach such an assessment and any successful marketing ideas that could be utilized?

You: Yes I can definitely share with you my assessment approach and successful marketing strategies for these less-profitable products but first, could you tell me something about this new product and project that you need someone to manage?

Manager: This new product, X-15, we believed would become our Flagship product but sales have dramatically dropped off since March.  Have you seen this product or used it?

You: Yes I am familiar with X-15 but I have a few questions concerning it ………

Based on the above discussion you can see that the Manager has moved away from his planned script and this is exactly what you want.   You have captured the Hiring Manager’s attention by answering his question much differently than he had expected and now you need to three other things to do to SEAL the DEAL!

You need to make the Hiring Manager know that you understand his problem or issue and you know enough about the subject matter to ask intelligent questions.  However, you cannot demonstrate your abilities and insight until you get him off script — that is why you need to turn his “open-ended” question of – Can you walk me through your resume, starting at the beginning of your career? – Into a discussion about the role and what specifically is not working now or why he needs additional help.  If you get out of the interview without an understanding of his PAIN you are much less likely to get the job.

Once you get the conversation going at a higher level – where the manage is really engaged because the subjects you are now discussing matter more to him than reviewing your resume.  By asking probing questions you learn what is keeping him up at nights worrying about how to get this product moving again and therefore, you become a VIP (very important person) to him.

Now to complete the maneuver……you need to give the Hiring Manager CONFIDENCE that you can solve his problem or issue.  This is not achieved by spitting out answers – no matter what you offer to resolve the problem you cannot be successful.  One; YOU do not have enough background and information in this short timeframe to be well-informed.  Therefore, your resolution will be dismissed as impractical or some other reason for not using it.  Two: If by chance, YOU were able to offer the perfect resolution if could be stolen.

Therefore, do not give away the right answer or give out the wrong answer but USE the INTERVIEW to CONVINCE the Hiring Manager’s that YOU offer the best hope for resolving the issue or filling the position due to your desire, experience and qualification.

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