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So, YOU are having a Job Interview?

  • By Admin
  • October 3, 2018

When preparing yourself for a job interview you understand that the employer will be asking you pointed questions to ascertain your experience, how you think on your feet, and hopefully your qualification for the job.   However, this questioning should not be a one-way street you should also ask some questions, so you can determine if you will fit into this job and the culture and chemistry of the workforce team.

Below are some things you should consider in making your list of questions to ask the interviewer:

  1. What will be my day-to-day responsibilities? (This is critical to you being happy and if you are not happy in the job how can you be successful in the long run?)
  2. What are the company values – what characteristics do you look for in ME to represent those company values? (Do they want tuna with good taste or tuna that taste good?)
  3. Ask the interviewer what is their favorite part of working for the company? (This should provide some real insight if the interviewer is being sincere. If they show enthusiasm about the company that is a very good sign.)
  4. What will be required of me to be successful in this job and how will it be measured? (Hopefully the interviewer will be able to provide you with the Key Performance Indicators; if not, ask them to provide that to you before you leave – assuming you had to come in for a personal interview. If the interview is over the phone or Skype ask the KPI’s to be sent to you via email, etc.)
  5. What opportunities do I have for Professional Development with this company? (The company should either have a Learning & Development Program or offer to support you obtaining it elsewhere; such as, helping pay for development programs outside of the company through college or elsewhere.)
  6. With whom will I be working with most closely in this job? (Knowing whom you will be working with is important – you need a head start at the dynamics; did they start out like you, their experience level, a sense of their chemistry and culture.)
  7. What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job? (Knowing what the challenges will be is just important as knowing the good parts about the job. However, don’t let the answer intimidate you – things are never as difficult as they seem nor or they as good as they might seem, either.)
  8. Is there anything in my background, resume, or this interview that makes you question my ability to do this job? (This question demonstrates you are fully vested in taking on this position, but it also opens YOU up for criticism – good or bad. How you handle the criticism could be the defining difference on whether or not the job is offered to YOU – so choose your words carefully.)

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