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You Might be Surprised at Your Next Job Interview…

  • By Admin
  • February 21, 2023

The job interviewing process is evolving right along with our technology. Are you planning to interview for a job in the near future? If so, you may experience something very different than what your were expecting– a preliminary interview by Artificial Intelligence (AI). You probably know that Artificial intelligence is already streamlining how we send emails, synthesize research, and in some cases, even debugging code on the job. Now AI is evolving into other areas. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies are beginning to use AI to screen job candidates through virtual, pre-recorded interviews. While using a video or other mechanism to ask a candidate predefined questions, then giving the interviewee time to respond in a recorded video is nothing new, using AI to assess your answers and determine“on the spot” if you are a viable candidate is. So in the future, you just might need to impress some AI algorithm rather than a hiring manager to get to the next step in the interviewing process. Once this becomes the norm, is it only a matter of time until AI could become the complete process for hiring?

Human like a robot in a pensive posture. Isolated. 3D illustration

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