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THE STATE OF THE INDUSTRY, Sid Crouch, GTTSi Chief Technical Consultant

  • By Admin
  • October 27, 2023

THE STATE OF THE INDUSTRY, Sid Crouch, GTTSi Chief Technical Consultant

Ken Braun of the Capital Research Center recently reported that the U.S. anti-nuclear industry is spending more than $2.3 billion annually – opposing zero-carbon nuclear energy. His report identifies > 200 antinuclear non-government organizations (NGOs) some you probably know: Sierra Club ($151 Million in revenue in 2021), League of Conservation Voters ($115M), Environmental Defense Fund ($285M), Natural Resources Defense Council ($186M ), and Public Citizen ($8M).

Yes, there are NGOs that support nuclear power plants, like the Nuclear Energy Institute ($50M in revenue in 2021), Clean Air Task Force ($32M), and the American Nuclear Society ($12M), but the funding of the anti-nuclear industry is much greater…over14 times greater. The size and funding of the anti-nuclear industry is a threat to our operating power plants and the next generation nuclear power plants. They also threaten the long-term prosperity of the U.S., as their influence has resulted in policies that have turned everything “every which way but loose” resulting in increased energy costs. No matter how you cut it, the nuclear sector is outmanned and outgunned.

What can we do? We must continue to support pro-nuclear NGOs and share our knowledge and experience. For example: Nuclear and hydro are the backbone of low-carbon electricity generation – providing 75% of the global low-carbon generation. Over the past 50 years, nuclear power has reduced CO2 emission by over 60 gigatons – nearly two years’ worth of global energy-related emissions. Net Zero NEEDS Nuclear!