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GOOD NEWS on the Horizon!!!!

  • By Admin
  • January 20, 2017

Over the past few years, most news concerning our nuclear power plants has been either “doom or gloom” or some announcement of another plant shutdown or shuttering.  Recently, however, there have been some positive moves that support our industry and we thought you might like to see them all put together.  If there is something we have missed ………. please let us know at ginfo@gttsi.com.

  1. NuScale submitted their Design Certification Application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for its SMR (Small Modular Reactor) design.
  2. The NOVA documentary entitled “The Nuclear Option” explains the need for nuclear power and in this documentary TerraPower Vice Chairman, Nathan Myhrvoid provides a unique way of explaining the need……….”while the global average for individual energy use per day is equal to about 2.5 toasters, in future decades the average will reach an amount equal to running 11 toasters all day, which is what US residents currently consume”.
  3. Both New York and Illinois have passed regulations that will allow the following nuclear power plant to continue operation; Fitzpatick, Ginna, Nine Mile Point, Clinton, and Quad Cities. Saving approximately 3,500 jobs.
  4. Connecticut is now seriously considering legislation that would allow it nuclear power plant, Millstone, to sell power directly to the state’s distributors. If passed, this could provide a path for Dominion to continue Millstone’s operation.
  5. The sale of Bellefonte by TVA to Nuclear Development, LLC in 2016 will have a very positive economic impact in Alabama; estimated to surpass $1 billion and create over 12,000 jobs during construction.
  6. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., has introduced legislation that would block the establishment of any consent-based used nuclear fuel repository until the fate of the planned Yucca Mountain repository in Nevada is decided. Wilson said utility customers in South Carolina have paid over $1.3 billion for the Yucca Mountain project over the past 30 years, and starting a new project would cost billions more.
  7. Some utilities are pushing their states to reconsider organized market participation altogether and re-regulate their states into the traditional vertically-integrated utility model. Ohio, again, is the bellwether: American Electric Power (AEP) has promised to cease investments in its generation fleet, spin off what assets it can, and push for legislation to re-regulate the state’s utility system. AEP, head quartered in Columbus, Ohio, serves more than 5 million customers in 11 states ……….but it is not alone. Utilities in Michigan are supporting legislation to end an energy choice program available to 10% of state customers. However, none of these proposals are as far along as the New York nuclear subsidies, for instance, but AEP is expected to put forth legislation that would transfer its generation assets from its competitive business to regulated utility AEP Ohio. If such legislation occurs in Ohio, FirstEnergy would also be included.

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