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When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going

  • By Admin
  • August 30, 2017

What’s that saying………..”when the going gets tough, the tough get going”?

Well that could be said about the 250 employees and the on-site NRC employees that stayed at the South Texas Project plant site throughout Hurricane Harvey to ensure safe, reliable, and dependable electricity was available to those that needed it.

You can’t say that about the solar and wind power facilities in the area.  Solar has difficulty providing any electricity when there is cloud cover.  And, according to an online news source North American Wind Power, one large installation in the path of the storm sent all 39 workers home as the hurricane closed in, but operated remotely until the wind hit 55 mph. It was then shut down. Others were challenged by the “intermittency of wind” said a knowledgeable source.

This is just another GREAT example of why the 99 operating nuclear power plants in the US need to continue operating to supply that safe, reliable, and dependable source of electricity to the country.

The two reactors at the South Texas Project, located just 90 miles southwest of Houston, kept churning out power despite the conditions outside.  Luckily the plant was not hit by high sustained winds but was pummeled with rain, however, the plant is designed for harsh conditions and these two reactors kept operating despite the storm.

When asked if the plant would shutdown if the flooding worsened, their spokesperson indicated that the plant is designed and rigged for flooding but “We are going to do what’s right from a safety standpoint.”

According to the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), whom had onsite personnel at STP, “The South Texas Project reactors have been operating safely throughout Harvey and continue to do so”.

Therefore, we SALUTE you STP and thank you for your dedication and devotion – keeping the lights on!

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